The results are in, and the data has been crunched for the very first Census of Brickford.

A Census is a count of the population on a single date, giving a snapshot of those who are present in a place at any one time.

The census found that there were 436 residents in Brickford.

Brickford lego minifig population stats 2016
Brickford 2016’s population census revealed data about residents.

Disturbingly, figures revealed that there were 4 living dead residents, 11 monsters, and 7 robots, but more alarmingly the census revealed that whilst there were 301 adult men, there were just 95 adult women resident in Brickford on census day.

Brickford Mayor Roger Hibbert has recently supported a campaign with employers to encourage women to take work in Brickford, particularly in science, construction, and public services.

Dogs were by far the most common pet (8) beating cats (5), horses (6), parrots (4), cows (2) and pigs (2).

Housing has been identified as being in chronic short supply, and Brickford City Council is welcoming planning applications to swiftly address this issue.

Previous analysis has found that Brickford’s population often grows around Christmas time, but scientists have yet to explain why.


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