Lego 75903 Haunted Lighthouse in moonlight
The abandoned lighthouse at Skull Rock is believed to be ‘haunted’.

Reports have come in that the old lighthouse at Skull Rock, on the South side of Brickford, is ‘haunted’.

Locals have heard spooky night-time noises and reported seeing ‘ghosts’ at the site, which was abandoned back in 1982.

A group of teenagers – Daphne Blake, ‘Shaggy’ Rogers, and their Great Dane Scooby, who are a few of the members of an investigative gang calling themselves ‘Mystery Inc‘ plan to investigate the lighthouse soon. Yours truly at The Brickford Gazette will be sure to join them in a hope to catch sight of these spooky demons.

Rumours making the rounds include sightings of ghostly pirates, a strange sea creature, and strange ghostly noises. If you have seen or heard any ghoulish stories about Skull Rock, then we’d love to hear them!

This isn’t the first time that there’s been some strange goings-on in Brickford, there was also a sighting of the ‘Brickford Beast’ by dog walker Irma Walker in the winter of 2013, and rumours of ghostly romans marching along Hill Road, which perhaps coincidentally (or not?) fitted in with the archaeological dig there in 2010 that resulted in the discovery of a high status Roman burial.


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