An area just North of Brickford has long been associated with stories of strange and unexplained goings-on, but now new evidence could be about to prove the existence of the ‘Brickford Beast’.

On Wednesday, hiking and photography enthusiast Irma Walker was taking her dog out on the edge of Spindle Wood, Brickford when both she and her dog were startled by an unusual figure moving around amongst the trees.

Whilst Clive the dog made a run for it, quick witted Irma reached for her camera and started taking pictures.

“The lizard type creature just stood there for a second, staring straight at me. It was as tall as a man. I couldn’t move or make a sound – i was frozen to the spot and so just clicked away. After a few moments it wandered off back into the trees”

The Brickford Beast emerging from the trees.
Irma Walker’s photograph of the ‘Brickford Beast’ has been claimed as ‘genuine’ by Police experts.
(c) Walker/Brickford Gazette.

Irma has since returned to the Wood (without Clive), but has not seen the beast again.

Spindle Wood has played host to a number of local legends through the centuries, including stories of witches, ghosts, giant rabbits, and even a giant slug. This is the first time that any of these stories have been supported by photographs.

Police, who say that experts have studied the photograph and believe it to be genuine, recommend residents of the Brickford area make sure that cattle and pets are kept indoors, whilst they conduct a search.

If you’ve seen the Brickford Beast, telephone our news desk on Brickford 765214.



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