A team of archaeologists from Brickford have uncovered what is believed to be a Roman burial in land along Hill Road.

This is the first burial found in the city although Roman pottery has been found regularly in the last 30 years. However, the archaeologists believe that this burial is of an important figure as the grave contained not only the skeleton, but also a shield, sword and a goblet – which are items often buried with people of status, for them to take with them in the next life.

Museum Curator, Archie Facte hails the find as important for Brickford:

“Never before have Roman grave goods been found in Brickford. The quality and quantity of these items suggests that this grave was for someone important and in turn suggests that Brickford could have been a key part of the Roman Empire. The items will be sent for cleaning and will be preserved in the city museum”.

The Roman Empire controlled Great Britain from around 43 AD to 410 AD.


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