Brickford‘s multi-million pound monorail development is on schedule despite the financial climate and delays in acquiring some crucial building materials.

Some original sources for building materials have fallen victim to the recent financial downturn. The City Council are said to be pleased with the progress and quick action of PlastiBuild who have been able to obtain materials from Germany, USA and the Netherlands. .

“The station at Park Street is close to completion and we expect this to be finished in the next three weeks. The station at the High Street is where the building material shortage has occurred due to the more challenging structure, but we are confident that our overseas suppliers can help us to keep this development on track and within budget”. (Bill Ditupp, PlastiBuild spokesperson)

Bill Ditupp, PlastiBuild spokesman.

The monorail trains have been completed and are currently being tested before being put into general use. They will provide fast and affordable east-west travel across the city, servicing newly developed residential and commercial areas whilst providing a connection point to the expanding main-line railway station.


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