The city council today met with developer PlastiBuild to sign off plans for the proposed new monorail.

The monorail will take commuters on an East-West journey across Brickford and will service the recent residential and commercial development areas. The multi-million pound scheme, which is supported by Westminster, will initially include two stations (one allowing travellers to connect with the mainline rail network) and one two-carriage engine but is likely to expand in size and route depending on its popularity.

Rail passenger numbers have soared in the last two years.
Brickford’s rail passenger numbers have soared in the last two years.

It is hoped that the monorail will help ease Brickford’s congestion which has been steadily growing over the last five years, causing gridlock for residents and commuters alike.

The city council voted unanimously against developer White Elephant‘s alternative proposal of a ‘guided bus’ system, similar to that in development at nearby Cambridge.

“When a guided bus reaches the city at the end of its guided journey, it’s just another bus joining just another queue. Our new monorail will avoid the roads and alleviate congestion as we take commuters through key areas of the city.” (Hon. Mayor Roger Hibbert).

Construction work is scheduled to begin in August/September.


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